Can you make money blogging?

If you Google “How to make money online”, one of the topics will be blogging. Blogging has become a method by many to produce an income. So now you are thinking to yourself, “how great to just open the computer and write and make money.” Well, maybe…..there is more work to getting your blog monetized than just writing content and publishing it. There are many bloggers out there that have great content and very little to no readers. Then, there are also many bloggers that have tons of readers, but have not figured out how to monetize their site.  In the paragraphs that follow I will offer ideas to not only write a successful, but also profitable post.

    How to write a blog post

First decide on the topic for your post.  It would be very advantageous to write about something that helps solve a problem.  How do you know what to write about?  Simple… ask.  The post should correspond to the theme of your blog site, but you can start your research by going on Pinterest or Instagram and searching for a pin related to your topic.  You will find numerous pins that will help guide you to what people are searching for.