Plan for your Golden years

How long are you going to live?  Well, no one has THAT crystal ball.  According to the  August/September 2021 AARP magazine, twenty-eight percent of Americans aged 50 and older underestimate their life expectancy.  Will you have enough money to last through your golden years? How can you better plan to ensure you have enough money?  Here’s […]

Protect your money during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Protect your income during the pandemic AARP Bulletin Vol. 61 #4 May 2020 The CARES Act provides $1,200 per individual with either a direct deposit into your bank account or a government issued check. There are stipulations on this, you must have filed a federal income tax return for 2018 or currently receiving Social Security […]

Make the most of your tax refund

In 2019, sixty seven (67%) percent of all taxpayers received refunds that averaged $2,860. Now what do you think what be the best thing to do to maximize that amount? Let’s look at a few scenarios; Are you still working? Or, are you retired? First let’s look at you are still employed. A good rule […]