What is title insurance?

Money Matters What is title insurance? If you have never bought a home you probably don’t know what this is….even if you have bought a home, you may not know what it is. You have seen it on the closing statement and that it costs you money, but what exactly is title insurance? Getting a […]

Protect your money during the Covid-19 Pandemic

AARP Bulletin Vol. 61 #4 May 2020 It hasn’t been declared a recession, however, you have probably seen the value of your retirement IRA continue to fall and unemployment at an all time high. Many things are out of your control, but let’s look at some areas you do have some control over. The CARES […]

Make the most of your tax refund

In 2019, sixty seven (67%) percent of all taxpayers received refunds that averaged $2,860. Now what do you think what be the best thing to do to maximize that amount? Let’s look at a few scenarios; Are you still working? Or, are you retired? First let’s look at you are still employed. A good rule […]