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When I decided to write a blog I began researching about blogging and best practices on blogging. I already had a hosting service since I already had been designing and running websites. I gave quite a bit of thought to what I wanted the name my blogging site and came up with MoneyStreams. I came to that name because I wanted to write about topics that could produce income sources for other people or write articles about money matters that I thought other people might like to read. You see, I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit and like learning new things and ideas. Over the last twenty years I have built several businesses. Some (actually most) were profitable and some were not. Most of the businesses I built were real estate related. I have owned rental properties, bought and sold real estate for my personal portfolio and as a Realtor. I am currently an active licensed Realtor. Ok, now that you have a little background, let’s start the process.


Do your research here, to get the best results, chose a name that best describes the topic or topics you plan to write about. I would recommend you Google the topic that you want to write about and see what is in the top 10 of the search. Can you use a derivative of one of those? Let’s say you want to write about travel,…..Google the word travel and see what comes up. Now, Google “best places to travel”, see what you find there. Ignore the sites that are at the top and have the word “Ad” next to them, those are paid placement sites and have paid to get to the top of the page. You want to scroll down to the first ten “natural” sites. These websites have been optimized for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This is a science in and of itself. I will talk about SEO at another time, just know that it is VERY important to get your blog in the first results of a Google search query. Notice that the word or phrase you typed into the search bar is in bold type on the results of each site. These are keywords that Google searched in order to find what you were looking for. Keywords are another element very important to getting your blog in front of persons you want to read your blog. Remember when I said to disregard the sites that had the word “Ad”, those sites paid to get high ranking with those keywords. It can get very pricey bidding for keywords. Unless you have a large amount of funds, don’t worry about buying keywords yet. There are other ways of getting a high ranking in the search engines. Once you have your blog’s name, search domain names to see if it is available. You can do this by going to any online domain provider and type into their domain search bar your chosen name. The most common extension is the “.com” extension, but a few years ago ICANN opened several new extensions for domain names. So, if the domain name you chose is not available as a dot com, don’t worry, look for different extensions of that name. Now big corporations will buy up all or most of the extensions so as to keep their competition from springing off their site, but keep trying until you get the domain and extension you are happy with.

Pick a hosting service

In order to get your blog online, you will need a hosting service. This may be one of the providers you used to do your research when choosing your blog’s name. There are many hosting providers, I use Ionos for my hosting, email accounts and domains. There are many others, such as GoDaddy, BlueHost, HostGator, and DreamHost, just to name a few.