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Perhaps you have already registered your seller account on Amazon, your next question could be…..what am I going to sell? As everyone knows, Amazon sells virtually everything. You could call it the Google search of the eCommerce world. Amazon has 300 million customers and is continually growing. By 2021 it is expected to have over 50% of the entire eCommerce retail market.

However, there are Amazon sellers that have very little to no sales. Some entrepreneurs think that if they like it so will everyone else…not so. Would you believe that something called Poopourri is one of the TOP sellers! After you start your Amazon Seller Account, you begin your search for the product(s) you plan to sell. The research to find “the perfect” product is more difficult than you would think. Think about it….there are millions of products out there that could potentially be “the one”. You could literally spend months trying to find the product that will make you thousands of dollars a month.

I use Jungle Scout to find niches, products to sell or sources for the products. To see an example of finding an opportunity of a product to sell, check out the Jungle Scout Opportunity Finder.

It will show you how to quickly find profitable product niches. Jungle Scout has a 14 day risk free money back guarantee. Try it for 14 days and if you find that it does not deliver all that it says it does, they will refund your money, no questions asked. Simply email them to support@junglescout.com to speak to one of the team members. Jungle Scout offers two (2) tools; Jungle Scout and Jungle Scout Extension. The Jungle Scout tool is a web-based research software that you can use to filter specific data to find product listings that meet your criteria. The Jungle Scout Extension operates directly from the Amazon search results to pull data from the product listings on that page. In addition to the tools you have available in Jungle Scout, when you join, you have access to the private Jungle Scout Facebook group where members help each other in the processes of selling on Amazon. Also, after joining Jungle Scout you have access to the Jungle Scout Academy where you learn how to sell like an Amazon FBA pro.

Good luck and happy hunting for the “perfect” product!

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