How I got here

Why I started this blog

My "Why"

Thank you for checking out my website.  I began this blog as a means to help educate others about money, how to create new sources of income and have a dialog about money in general.  When I first had the idea to have a blog I was initially just going to talk about blogging and how to start a blog, maintain it and get traffic to it.  The more I thought about it, I knew that it would HAVE to be broader than that.
Many years ago I read a book by Robert Allen entitled “Multiple Streams of Income“.  The premise behind the book was to show you the importance of having more than one source of income.  At the time I was working in a “traditional” job and loving what I was doing.  However, it opened my eyes to the possibility of “what if I no longer had that job?”  What would I do to be able to pay the bills?  The reality of that is very scary.  We all think “that would never happen to me.”  However, look what Covid-19 has done to not just our economy, but throughout the world.  You may be one of the hundreds of thousands of people that have lost their jobs due to the virus.  Some of those jobs may never come back.  You are going to have to reinvent yourself and find another source of income.


To have more than one source of income means better financial stability.  If one source is no longer available it will not completely dry up all of your income.  My goal in writing this blog is to help others to find multiple sources (streams) of income, thus eliminating the fear of losing everything you have worked for.
During the design phase of this site, I decided to break up the topics and categorize them into separate areas of the site.  That way a topic and it’s articles can quickly and easily be accessed and stay in keeping with the other articles relating to that subject.  Over time, I may change that, but for now I feel this is the best way to separate the content.  If there is something in particular about a subject or you have something to share, please use the “Contact Me” page.  I will respond to you as quickly as possible.  I look forward to hearing from you.  If you feel that anything on my site is of benefit, please share may site with others.