Affiliate marketing is a method of earning money by referring someone to someone else’s product or services. If the person purchases the product or service the referring person is paid a commission. It is a economically way if you have a product or service to have effective advertising that only produces results. If the referred person does not purchase there is no commission paid. Therefore, you are not paying for advertising that may or may not result in a sale. Blogging is a very effective medium for affiliate marketing. As you write a review or instructions and provide a link to the service or product, if your readers click on the link and ultimately purchase, you get paid. The goal of affiliate marketing is to increase sales by outsourcing advertising over a vast network of sites that promote the product or service, a win-win situation for both the product/service and affiliate marketer.

Affiliate marketing income can vary from a few hundred dollars a month to thousands. A super affiliate marketer can make over one million dollars a year.

If you use a product or service and like it, Google the product/service affiliate program, they probably have an affiliate program. Some companies use affiliate networks instead of managing their own programs. Some of the major affiliate networks are; ShareASale, Commission Junction, Clickbooth, Amazon Affiliate Program, eBay Partners Program and Clickbank.

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