Thank you for visiting MoneyStreams Online.  I began this blog as a means to share with others some of the things I have learned and are still learning about money and alternate methods of producing a stream of income.  Many years ago I read a book by Robert Allen called “Multiple Streams of Income“.  The premise behind the title of the book was to have multiple ways of generating income.  At the time I was working a “traditional” job (which I truly enjoyed).  However, I have always had an entrepenual sprirt and a desire to constantly learn new things.  The ideas talked about in the book intrigued me and I set about putting some of them in play in my life.

To have multiple streams of income is to have financial stability. Think for a moment what happened when Covid 19 hit. All of the sudden many people could not go to work. Until the government stepped in and provided stimulus checks, many people were without an income. How long could you continue to pay your bills without your income? The average person is just six months or less from bankruptcy.

I hope to share knowledge that I have learned to help others to gain financial stability, perhaps even financial independence. If you feel I have helped you and could help others you know of, please share this website with them.